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About the Technology Assurance Committee


Technology Assurance Committee Committee Action Plan

Who We Are:

The Technology Assurance Committee (TAC) is comprised of information assurance professionals with interests in technology risk management and attestation services in general. Members of the Committee are typically employed at professional service firms, private industry, academia and government, or are sole practitioners. We also encourage the involvements of Students in areas such as business, accounting and information systems.

What We Do:

1. TAC conducts meetings that include technical presentations and discussion. Topics include current and anticipated technology, technology assurance considerations, applicability, cost, risk signals, case studies and regulatory matters related to attestation and reporting.

2. Open presentations to Society members as well as non-members on issues related to assurance and information technology.

3. Encourage members to promote awareness of current and evolving information risk assurance issuances concerning Information Technology and related accounting regulations.

4. Increase the information technology awareness of among society members and Communicating committee work product to the membership.

The goals of TAC areas follows:

Discussion and Commentary:

Identify, investigate and comment on the developments of technological and regulatory standards, with special attention to attestation and financial standards.

Review, recommend and comment on relevant changes that relate to assurance and attestation standards and services.

Education and Knowledge Enhancements:

Provide New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants a series of seminars on important issues affecting technology assurance and information technology, and related services.

Encourage and support publications on technology and related assurance services.

Support professionals in private and public practice in developing expertise in consulting and implementation services.

Integrate future and current Society members such as accounting and business students in the Committee’s activity.

Membership Communication

Maintain pages on the State Society web site with information about:

  • Committee members’ biographies and an expertise guide;
  • featured articles on technology assurance;
  • Archive of past presentations.

Submit relevant articles on technology assurance to the State Society's publications.

Who Should Join:

Society members who practice in and have expertise and significant experience in technology assurance, and student associate members majoring in Accounting and or Information Systems.

Benefits of Committee Membership

  • Society Members who join the TAC can expect to increase their reputation’s capital by as they are recognized as technology assurance leaders. Members will also increase their human capital by expanding their theoretical and practical knowledge of technology, technology assurance and auditing services.
  • Student members will have the opportunity to:
    • Meet practicing professionals involved in technology assurance; and
    • Learn leadership skills; and
    • Have the opportunity to make presentations and publish articles.