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Official 2002–2003 Nominating Committee Report

The NYSSCPA Nominating Committee, elected in accordance with Article IX of the bylaws, presents its nominating report of the officers and directors as follows:

OFFICERS - to hold office for one year from June 1, 2002:

Jo Ann Golden, of Dermody, Burke & Brown, P.C, automatically succeeds Nancy Newman-Limata, of PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, as President in accordance with Article VIII, Paragraph 5, of the Bylaws.

Jeffrey R. Hoops       to succeed            
Ernst & Young, LLP       

Vice Presidents:
Laurence Keiser       to succeed  
Stern Keiser Panken & Wohl, LLP       

Stephen F. Langowski         

Carol C. Lapidus       
American Express Tax and Business Services Inc.        

Ian M. Nelson       
Ian M. Nelson, CPA.  

Thomas E. Riley       to succeed 
Fagliarone Group CPAs, P.C.

Frank J. Aquilino        to succeed 
Montclair State University

Jo Ann Golden
Dermody, Burke & Brown, P.C

G. William Hatfield
G. William Hatfield CPAs, P.C.

Elliot L. Hendler
Friedman, Alpren & Green, LLP

Ronald J. Huefner
SUNY at Buffalo  

Kevin J. McCoy
Marvin & Company, P.C.

Sharon Sabba Fierstein
PW Funding Inc.


DIRECTORS - AT - LARGE - to hold office for three years from June 1, 2002:

Spencer L. Barback     to succeed    
Barback, Uliano & Company P.C. 

Michael G. Baritot    to succeed    

Neville Grusd      to succeed    
Merchant Factors Corporation         

Joseph Schlegel       to succeed 
Fust Charles Chambers, LLP    

Robert E. Sohr     to succeed    
Deloitte & Touche, LLP 

David H. Gerson
Ernst & Young, LLP

Frank L. Kurre
Andersen, LLP

Stephen F. Langowski
KPMG, LLP      

Carol C. Lapidus
American Express Tax And Business Services, Inc.

Ian M. Nelson
Ian M. Nelson, CPA

DIRECTORS AS CHAPTER REPRESENTITIVES - to hold office for three years from June 1, 2002:

Adirondack for Three-Year Term 
Barbara S. Dwyer      to succeed 
Sole Practitioner 

Brooklyn for Three-Year Term
Philip Wolitzer        to succeed   
Long Island University

Central Southern Tier for One-Year Term
Nancy A. Kirby     to succeed        
Kirby, Beals, Maier CPAs, PLLC  

Manhattan/Bronx for One-Year Term
William Aiken
RHI Management Resources

Nassau for Three-Year Term
Andrew M. Cohen
M.R. Weiser & Co., LLP

Queens for Two-Year Term
Robert A. Sypolt
Sole Practitioner

Rochester for Three-Year Term
David W. Henion 
Forté Capital,LLC

Rockland for Two-Year Term
David Evangelista
Korn Rosenbaum Phillips & Jauntig, LLP

Staten Island for Three-Year Term 
Walter Daszkowski
Trochiano & Daszkowski, LLP

Suffolk for Three-Year Term
Robert S. Peare
Peare & Heller, CPAs, P.C.

[New Chapter]  

[New Chapter]

[New Chapter]

[New Chapter]

Thomas O. Linder
Linder Group

[New Chapter]

Kevin J. Monacelli
IEC Electronics

[New Chapter]

Raynard Zollo
Saint John’s University

Thomas J. Novack
Sheehan & Company CPAs, P.C.

All of the nominees have consented to serve if elected.

Nancy Newman-Limata, of PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, retiring President, automatically becomes director for one year, replacing P. Gerard Sokolski, of Mengel, Metzger, Barr & Co., LLP, in accordance with Article VI, Paragraph 1, of the Bylaws.
Terms expiring in 2003:

Arthur Bloom, Marks Paneth & Shron, LLP
Andrew M. Eassa, Firley, Moran, Freer & Eassa CPA, P.C.
Franklin H. Federmann, F.H. Federmann, CPA
Angelo J. Gallo, Piaker & Lyons, P.C.
Vincent J. Love, Kramer & Love
Sandra A. Napoleon-Hudson, Steinfink Napoleon & DiBenedetto LLP
Raymond M. Nowicki, Nowicki & Company, LLP
Edward J. Torres, Edward J. Torres, CPA, Accounting & Tax Services
Beth Van Bladel, PG&E National Energy Group
Terms expiring in 2004:

Rosemarie Ann Barnickel, Trochiano & Daszkowski, LLP
Peter L. Berlant, Anchin Block & Anchin, LLP
Michael J. DePietro, Rinehard & Fitzgerald CPAs P.C. 
Katharine K. Doran, Teal Becker & Chiaramonte CPAs P.C. 
Kevin J. O’Connor, Kevin J. O’Connor, CPA
Peter H. Frank, Cornick Garber & Sandler, LLP
Mark A. Plostock, Own Account
Howard D. Weiner, Holtz Rubenstein & Co., LLP

Respectfully submitted,

Robert L. Israeloff, Chair
Susan Barossi
Charles Barragato
Robert Fagliarone
Anthony Maltese
Sandra A. Napoleon-Hudson
Raymond Nowicki
Francis Nusspickel
Leslie Thompson