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The issue's cover story is a retrospective of the fraud diamond, an extension of the traditional fraud triangle first proposed in the pages of The CPA Journal 20 years ago. Whether within the audit or a specialized engagement, detecting fraud is an important part of how CPAs can help ensure that investors and the public can be confident that financial statements provide an accurate picture of a business's health. The authors take the opportunity to analyze the impact of the model, look forward to more proactive use of the model, and ask for further research into what is missing from the diamond.

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  • Career Coach Debunks Four Myths About Personal Branding
    Jul 18, 2024
    While many working professionals feel uneasy about the concept of personal branding, career coach Cat O’Shaugnessy Coffrin  advises them to get over it. She understands that the idea of promoting oneself “feels selfish and egotistical,” but she says it’s an important step in differentiating oneself in the market.
  • Survey: Gen Zers Have Looser Attitudes About Timeliness Than Boomers
    Jul 16, 2024
    In a recent survey commissioned by Meeting Canary, a company whose product analyzes online meetings, 47 percent of Gen Z respondents said that they considered arriving 5 to 10 minutes late to be on time. In contrast, 70 percent of baby boomers said that on time means arriving early.
  • HR Expert Explains How Successful Leaders Can Avoid the Risks of Self-Sabotage
    Jul 3, 2024
    In a situation known as the paradox of success, business leaders at the top of the game are often the most vulnerable to dangerous lapses in judgment. They run the risk of engaging in risky behavior.

  • Major Tech Outage Affects Financial Firms, Along with Other Businesses
    Jul 19, 2024
    The global technology outage that began early Friday has affected banks and other financial firms, along with airlines, airports and media companies. The outage appeared to be caused by CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity firm whose software is used by many companies worldwide to protect against security breaches. A faulty software update issued by CrowdStrike apparently resulting in the crashing of many computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Survey: CFOs Report Highest Level of Optimism About Economy Since 2021
    Jul 18, 2024
    A recent survey by Grant Thornton, the Q2 2024 CFO survey, revealed that 58 percent of chief financial officers are optimistic about the U.S. economy, representing the highest level of optimism since the third quarter of 2021.
  • Firms Report on Who Their ‘Humans in the Loop’ Are When Using Generative AI
    Jul 17, 2024
    The phrase “humans in the loop” refers to “the need for human interaction, intervention, and judgment to control or change the outcome of a process, and it is a practice that is being increasingly emphasized in machine learning, generative AI, and the like." Within accounting firms, the phrase has come to mean that, all levels, there are individuals who supervise and are held accountable for AI processes.
  • F. Michael Zovistoski Praised for His Community Service and as an Inspiration to the Next Generation of CPAs
    Jul 17, 2024
    In addition to serving as president of the NYSSCPA in 2016–2017, F. Michael Zovistoski has also held multiple positions at the Society, including secretary/treasurer and director-at-large, as well as president of the Northeast Chapter. In addition to his service to the Society, he remains actively involved in fostering community by dedicating his time and efforts to various civic and philanthropic organizations. For all of his achievements and contributions, Zovistoski is the 2024 recipient of the Arthur J. Dixon Public Service Award. 
  • Karen Tenenbaum Remembered as ‘an Indefatigable Force of Nature for All Who Knew Her’
    Jul 17, 2024
    Karen J. Tenenbaum, who passed away on Dec. 23 at age 64, was an active member of several NYSSCPA tax committees and the Society’s Nassau Chapter. An attorney as well as a CPA, she founded her own law firm to focus on the resolution of tax problems. Tenenbaum was a frequently sought-after expert among media outlets including Bloomberg Business NewsMoney MagazineLong Island Business News, the New York Daily News, and News 12 Long Island. She also spoke about federal and New York state tax issues for numerous professional groups. In tribute to her outstanding service to the Society, she was honored posthumously with a 2024 Distinguished Service Award. 
  • The YA Global Tax Court Decision: Private Fund Activities Drag Non-U.S. Fund Investors Into the U.S. Tax Net
    Jun 3, 2024
    For U.S. history aficionados, November 15 is an auspicious day: It was on this day in 1777 that the Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation. These articles framed the basic form of government for what was to become the United States. Well, tax folks working with private funds are likely to remember November 15 for another reason as well. 
  • Penalties in Modern Tax Practice
    Jun 3, 2024

    “In 1955, there were approximately 14 penalty provisions in the Internal Revenue Code. There are now [in 2011] more than ten times that number.”  Internal Revenue Manual (“IRM”) part

    Whenever I am asked why it is that I speak so often about penalties, I highlight the above quote from the IRS’s employee handbook. Whereas there were 14 penalty provisions in 1955, approximately 150 were listed by 2011; there are even more now, 13 years later.
  • Multi-Entity Structures in the Not-for-Profit Context
    May 1, 2024
    The formation of affiliate organizations in the not-for-profit world is a consideration that surfaces during the lifetime of many not-for-profit organizations as a strategy to expand operations, address tax implications of unrelated business income, shield itself from liability and expand on overall capacity to deliver more on an organization's charitable mission. 
  • Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself: Planning in the Current Environment
    May 1, 2024
    As the calendar turns to 2024, taxpayers and their advisors face an uncertain future.  Given a divided government for at least the next two years, it is not the usual suspect of potential legislation and sweeping tax changes that fuels this uncertainty. Instead, a declining market, the potential for recession looming, and increasing interest rates has left many taxpayers in a general malaise heading into the new year. However, while this overall economic downturn presents at least short-term challenges, it also creates certain wealth planning opportunities.